Friday, April 07, 2006


DISCLAIMER : this pic above does not represent Team Kari and the March 05 ppl...we are much worse than that..if u are offended pls slit ur wrists /emo K THX BYE
ok im bored now >_< so i decided to update the blog too...

Classes have started, people have start skipping it ( not always me, hehe) and exams are 2 months away...well im at halfway my 1st sem now..bored and sick of this routine i go on every 5 days a week ..i dont get many assignments..prolly 1-2 per subject( except statistics !! 11) ..easy peasy...WoW = almost everything..yes some ppl have said i changed..honestly i dont care...i dont really have a life..except Tuesdays night ( WoW maintenance T_T)..even then im prolly dozing of in bed as early as 10pm...

As usual, chicks are plenty...but i dont go and catch them...=P...too bad theres NONE in my class...its a good thing actually...makes me less distracted although im already distracted by images of paladins throwing grenades in AV playing in my brain..

I dont care much abt curricular activites now..Leo Club has a new no , no hot chick this time...K THX BYE TARA...LOL !..well gratz to Choon Yong for getting elected as Secretary of the club..mind you, as feminine as that position may sound, its actually the 2nd highest position in the club..

The rest of the March foundation peeps are doing fine in KDU as far as i know..well one more last thing, I MISS U GUYS LIKE HELL( plagiarism ftw)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

news from New Zealand

Okay. I'm here to update myself since NoBoDy here care to leave a post *grr*

Well, its been almost 2 months I'm here. The scenery is absolutely chantique, The city is small.. and yet I can't really remember the routes. Haha. I have a bad sense of direction. Stuffs here are expensive, The food here sedap (since I'm catered here.. so tak masak2. Gotta learn!), The Petronas Scholars are very fun and okay, The JPAs? Well, some are okay, some I dunno, still in the period where I'm tryin to blend with them. The lectures are cool, the assignments tak best :( Theres some places to lepak, coffee shops jela. Movies mahal *sobs*. People here loves clubbing, so banyak clubs than coffee shops.i'm still underage so i havent been to any of the clubs. and the weather is unpredictable.

Basically, I'm sill trying to adapt with my new life. and alhamdulillah, I can still survive.

Oh yah one more thing, I MISS U GUYS LIKE HELL


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mexx and Lyvia off to New Zealand

Bye bye to both.
Mexx should alredy be there by now.
Lyv is doing computer science btw.

Oh btw Mexx and Lyv , if you're reading this , WE WANT PICTURES PLEASE ...



Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm Sorry!!

Firstly I would like to seek an APOLOGY from all of u who was not invited to my 'makan-makan'(Afan, its nt an open house ok. if its my open house, it'll surely be a BIG one and I'll invite everyone.). Not because I dun like u guys whatsoeva, its because I'm afraid I can't entertain everyone who came. I hope u guys can understand me.

Before I go, I wanna see all of u jugak. So I hope u guys can make urself free so we can watch a MOVIE together.

The Movie that is recommended by Me, is:
Keeping Mum starring ROWAN ATKINSON!!

hehe. the venue wud most prob be GSC OU. This thursday. Please call me so tht faiz or myself can book the tix for u guys! okay??

cya guys.


Latest Updates [January 28 , 2006]


I don't know what some of you guys are up to this year , since YOU yes ! YOU ! refuse to update us with your status (i.e what you're doing and stuff). Oh well , this is what I know.

Mexx :
She is going off to further her studies in New Zealand at the Victoria University of Wellington , enrolling in the Bcom - Accounting course , along with 2 other Jan students *SCOWL* *COUGH* *COUGH*

Faiz :
Currently at HELP UC , enrolling in the Help University College Bachelor of Business Year 1 , majoring in accounting.

Me :
Also at HELP UC with Faiz , but in a different course , enrolling in the Charles Sturt University Bachelor of Commerce Year 1 , majoring in accounting

Nabil :
Transferred to July intake of the UNSW Foundation Programme of last year at KDU College.

Peter :
Plans to enroll in KDU's Murdoch University Bachelor of Business I think.

Chun yong:
Same as Peter , I think he is still busy with Leo Club.

Yun Ru:
Plans to continue her studies at KDU.

He will not allow me to disclose his intentions. According to him , "Aku tak pernah bagitau orang apa aku nak buat". Hu .

Others :
I have no idea , I demand that you update your status by posting a comment. Don't forget to put your name.



Mexx had an 'open house' thing earlier this afternoon. Unfortunately , a lot of peeps didn't come. Including SOME members of Team KaRi *Cough* *Cough*.

Anyway , we're planning a movie outing on this coming Thursday , it doesn't matter what movie we'll watch , it's possibly going to be the last time we're gonna see mexx for quite a while. Consider this a 'Buh-Bye' outing.

Those who are interested just post a comment here or contact Faiz (hes the coordinator) at 016-5999969 or me at 012-3340695 or contact Mexx herself at 017-6867278


Team Kari (even Bustaman - maybe) will be there. I Think. I Hope. Oh well.

Thanks for reading


Happy Chinese New Year

Happy CNY to all those who are celebrating it.
Have a nice weekend.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

the updates...

Okay. Everyone please read this and please, DO DECIDE A.S.A.P.

I wanna do the outing on thursday, January 26th... since two of our fellow friends (Afan and Faiz) are now HELP Uni Coll students *surprisingly..* haha. and they sed they're free on thursday. but what are we going to do during the outing, i'll let u guys choose. and to make ur life easier, i give u the choices for u guys to choose: 1. Movie 2. Times square 3. Makan2 together. but if u guys gt any suggestions, please lemme know ya.

I hope this time the outing will work. *batting eyelashes* please. hehe.

And please help me to SPREAD THE WORDS!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hello everyone,

first and foremost.. thanks to the UNSW FY friends for not showing up at the graduation. Nabil, Kelly, Ella and I had a bad time there. *grr*

Anyhoots, it seems that the road trip macam tak jadi, so i'm suggesting that we can make an outing together. how abt, a movie together or.. a roller coster ride at timesquare.. or anything u guys wanna do.

we can do this outing next week.

Please do reply to me!! I need feedbacks!!

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy new year guys !

Year 2006